Earths Gravitational Pull – Superordinate Newton’s Laws

Earths Gravitational Pull – in the book it was presented as an important cause causing diseases of the human musculoskeletal system. At the same time, mechanisms were indicated to limit this negative impact and to use it to reverse the destructive changes that have already been caused in the body. Because I based these considerations on the laws of gravity according to Isaac Newton, omitting the General Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein, I found it necessary to indicate what arguments decided about it. These theories do not contradict each other and are honored by most physicists worldwide. Although there is a widespread fascination with Einstein’s theory, Newton’s laws of gravity take precedence in the terrestrial environment. The manner of operation of these forces he described orders almost all-important physical phenomena on Earth.

Earths Gravitational Pull – Human Life

I wrote in the book that the life of man and all organisms living on it depends on gravity. The Earths Gravitational Pull plays a key role in maintaining an upright position, moving on two limbs, and providing life-giving energy to the muscles.

The force of gravity of the body and the reaction of the ground cause gravitational tension of the elastic-plastic structure of the muscles. Thanks to it and the comprehensive coordination of motor functions by the nervous system, a person can assume a vertical position on a solid surface. He can walk, run and perform other activities thanks to vertical muscle stimulation. The gravitational cycle of obtaining energy is the second, after the biochemical—metabolism— cycle, the primary way humans renew energy resources. On the other hand, Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity relates mainly to the conditions prevailing in the universe. In the terrestrial environment, one can also distinguish countless objects moving along curved paths of space-time. Still, their movement is not caused by the force of gravity, which in the terrestrial frame of reference always has a rectilinear direction directed to the geometric center of the Earth. On the other hand, curved space-time is almost always associated with motion determined by its spherical shape and Earth’s orbit. The only forces affecting objects moving on it are the forces related to their motion and the centripetal force of the Earth’s gravity that keeps these objects on the Earth’s surface or in orbit. These objects are all kinds of vehicles, ships, but also living organisms moving on fragments of the spherical surface of our planet. Others include airplanes and birds, which mostly fly in arcs parallel to the spherical surface of the Earth, but also turn around, circle, take off and land. Gravitational curvature of space-time in the Earth’s frame of reference (the geometric center of the Earth) applies to objects in space: satellites of planets, galaxies and other objects of the Universe. They are of little importance for the direct organization of life on Earth. Of course, the gravitational curvature of space-time in the Earth’s environment also occurs. This occurs when the frame of reference is moved beyond this environment, e.g. to the Sun, other planets or galaxies. However, these are only thought experiments that do not objectively change the physical conditions for people and the surrounding reality.

Although Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is over 100 years old, it still has not found direct application on Earth. One of its few known applications is its use in a global navigation satellite system. However, it already applies to objects moving outside the Earth’s atmosphere (in space-time curved relative to the center of the Earth). Technical solutions on a massive scale on our planet are still based on Newton’s laws and there is no indication that this will change in the foreseeable future. Although the Earths gravitational pull affects the human body every day, it is hardly the subject of research in any of the health-related sciences.

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