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How to fix your back pain – About the book

How to fix your back pain? You will find out thanks to the book, which formulates the theory of muscle tension related to human functioning in the environment of gravity and its impact on the body’s energy potential. It is particularly important to take into account the impact of the forces associated with it on the musculoskeletal system by people with worse genetic predispositions and excessively adhering to modern civilization habits. The use of correct movement patterns and physical activity by them allows these people to avoid motor disorders and the accompanying pain.

The author in an accessible way presents the most important mechanical functions of the human body affecting the proper functioning of its energy system and effective shaping of the muscular system. It discusses the mechanical causes of scoliosis, discopathy, joint malfunction and ways to eliminate these defects. The book also explains the reasons for the loss of motor skills in seniors and general decline in health with age, showing how to stop these changes to maintain fitness and health into old age. The part devoted to movement patterns shows how the forces of gravity affect the dynamic functioning of the mechanism of the human body. Why activities such as walking, running, sitting, bending the body, doing squats and lifting should be done differently from what is commonly recommended. A special section is devoted to discussing incorrect exercise patterns in various sports, including bodybuilding and weightlifting. From the book you will also learn how I successfully cured my back pain at home. From the book you will also learn how to fix your back pain and ensure that damaged tissues heal using the method of successive regeneration.

The paper book has been released as a color print and is available for purchase in the Amazon store in the Books category. Details:

  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 254 pages
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-8396428219
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8 x 0.58 x 10 inches

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The book and the blog have primarily an educational purpose: they are to arouse sensitivity to biophysical issues related to the human body and the resulting mechanisms that affect human health. They cannot be directly used for self-diagnosis or treatment of existing diseases. The assessment, approval, or rec­ommendation of appropriate therapy always depends on a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s health by a doctor or other medical professionals who deal with the treatment of the existing disease. Corrective exercises should also be performed under the supervision of a specialist. The content pro­vided is also intended to draw the attention of medicine, rehabilitation and sports specialists to the insufficient or not always appropriate application of movement mechanics in treatment and exercise methods. It is meant to motivate potential patients to the correct prevention, pointing to the impact of issues related to gravity on Earth on the threats to health, but also the possibility of regaining full fitness.


Book Review and Book Award Contest
Emily-Jane Hills Orford

Medicine has come a long way, improving healthcare treatment in many aspects. One area where it continues to fall behind is the issue of pain. Particularly back pain. Although medical professionals will run the tests, poke around, and give a listening ear to a patient’s back complaints, treatment is often restricted to painkillers, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and sometimes surgery. Not always do any of these approaches solve or heal the problem.
Marian Jodlowki’s Fix Your Back Like an Architect is well documented, researched, and presented with care so that the technicalities of what’s being discussed are not too complex.
The author presents her research in an organized fashion, documenting her research thoroughly and including concise references at the end as well as a useful list of terms. This is a thorough look at the healing process, following the author’s personal journey to wellness. Fascinating!.

U.S. Review of Books
Kate Robinson

“The aim of this book is to identify the causes of problems in the functioning of the spine, movement organs, joints and deformities of the body…”
This attractive and well-written volume contains ample illustrations, photos, tables, and lists to support the narrative and substantively defines the terms and processes necessary for the reader’s understanding. There are a few minor translation errors, but these don’t detract from the smooth narrative overall. Jodlowski effectively presents how to protect the spine, joints, and muscular system from injury and degradation through proper walking, running, sitting, bending, and lifting methods. 
Book Review and Book Award Contest
Astrid Iustulin

If you want to know how to improve your physical condition, I suggest you read Fix Your Back Like an Architect by Marian Jodlowski. In this enlightening book, the author shares with her readers the information she found after suffering from back problems herself.
 Fix Your Back Like an Architect is a book that I found very interesting and well-researched. Marian Jodlowski has researched the subject extensively and offers her readers useful information to help them improve (if not fix) their back problems. I do not think this book has any negative aspects, and I am sure many people will benefit from Marian Jodlowski’s advice. I recommend Fix Your Back Like an Architect to anyone who already suffers from back problems or wishes to prevent them; all of them will find valuable suggestions in this book.
Book Review and Book Award Contest
Grace Ruhara

Before the principles of movement, body defects, and their treatments, Marian Jodlowski introduces us to life energy and health in Fix Your Back Like an Architect, where he discusses the two types of energy, their sources, and how they strengthen the body to overcome obstacles and handle complex tasks.
This is important since most of the disorders of the motor organs are related to low energy in the muscles and some internal organs. The information discussed is authentic and the product of empirical and extensive research and thereby is reliable. Marian’s choice of words is also commendable, as he does not restrict himself to medical jargon that would otherwise be challenging. I also loved the inclusion of colorful illustrations, which complemented his narration and helped my understanding of the topics. I recommend this book to readers with back problems since it will enable them to understand the problems, their causes, and offers suggestions for treatment. leczenia.